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As an educator and a mom of two, my goal is to demystify birth by helping women trust their natural intuition to bring their baby into the world calmly and easily.

Through deep relaxation techniques and education of the female body, I can help you better understand the sensations of birth and help release fear.

I provide Doula services as well as private or group HypnoBirthing classes in the Phoenix Area and country wide through video classes.



My name is Meghan and I am a mom to two girls.

During my first pregnancy, I was scared about the birthing process. Most people were sharing birth stories with me that were filled with fear, anxiety, and pain. But, there were a few stories of beautiful natural births that stayed with me. I trusted my instincts, did my research, and chose a doula-supported birth. I was so empowered by the experience of birth, that I knew, as I held my baby for the first time, I found my life’s work.

Through daily practice, I learned how to prepare my body and mind for the calm, natural birth that I had hoped for. Even after a long day of birthing, I felt exhilarated and empowered!

My journey as a doula began in 2017 when I completed my DONA Certified Doula Training, a few months later I became a HypnoBirthing Practitioner under the guidance of the very doula who helped me at my first birth. Today I work with families all over the country doing HypnoBirthing classes and assisting in births in the Phoenix area. If you have questions or are feeling uncertain about your upcoming birth, contact me. I’d love to help you have the birth you deserve.

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